“Actor, model, business owner, an image should reflect your brand. I strive to capture it honestly.” - DJL


4 Look Photoshoot, Model for Massage Envy

 3 Look Photoshoot, Owner of Ocean 44 Restaurant

2 Look Photoshoot, Owner of Avalon Wellness

1 Look Photoshoot, Actress in CitiGold Campaign

The photos below resulted in direct bookings for Body Armor and Lucky Airlines



My photo session with DJL turned out great and captured my true personality and spirit. I love that he doesn’t just take pictures, he captured a reflection of who I am. My photos made me smile because they are beyond my expectations.
— Alicia G, Sales Executive
Since 1978 I’ve had new headshots taken every few years, each time with a different photographer. I believe my most recent headshot is the best ever. I attribute that to DJL, who directed me during the shoot with specific prompts that put me at ease, allowing for an authentic product. I enthusiastically recommend him.
— David B, ASU Professor
I have never felt as comfortable in front of a camera than when I had my photo session with DJL. He made it a lot of fun, which gave me the freedom to just be myself. I think everybody needs photos that capture what makes them so special.
— Kelcy V, Host of 'Getting Sexual' Podcast


What does a session include?

Sessions are charged per look. A look is defined by an outfit change. It’s recommended to bring 2-3 full length outfits per look. Only one outfit will be photographed for a 1 look shoot, but this gives DJL options. He will assist you in making the final selection and tailor the composition of the photo around it. This includes matching color, light, even location, to assist in creating an aesthetically appealing image while capturing your true essence. 

Each look will consist of close, medium, and full length photos resulting in what will simulate a lifestyle spread, similar to what you might see in a magazine featuring a celebrity. 

As a complimentary service included with each look, DJL goes through and narrows your photos down to 4 to 6 final images he feels best represent your session’s objective. They will be submitted to you to make your selections.

Each look includes two (2) digitally touched up images. Once you’ve decided on your selects, they will be processed and delivered to you digitally as both high and low resolution files. The images in the folder labeled ‘High Resolution’ are for printing. The images in the folder labeled ‘Low Resolution’ are for posting online. 

What’s the cost?

All of this is included for a one look session rate of $150. Additional touched up images of each look are $25.00.

“I want to look HOT!”

“HOT” is relative. At Finding You Pictures, we focus on commercial images that’ll get you booked by well-paying clients. While a trendy, hi-fashion image might garnish you more likes on social media, it’s probably not going to book you commercial jobs. The hi-fashion image could lead to a runway booking, which is awesome if that’s your thing. The commercial one could lead to an on-going account with passive on-going residual income. Money that really adds up! Which do you prefer?

Serve your clients first. Adding another cooler image is certainly viable, but if you’re only doing one look, make it for those that will pay you respectable wages for your time.

How do I book a session?

“Great, I want to book! Do I text, call or email?”

You are more than welcome to call, anytime, but to lock down the final details we recommend email. It assists you with keeping a paper trail of what to bring, where to go, etc. Remember, each look is custom so depending on whether it’s athletic or studio, your directions might differ. 

I’ve never done a photoshoot. Do you work with first timers?

While DJL’s background stems from the entertainment industry his passion is also to empower those outside of it. If you’re new and feel uncomfortable being photographed, you’ve come to the right place. 

I’m a parent who plans on watching my child’s photoshoot and side directing.

This is probably not the best idea. DJL finds children do better when their parents allow him to direct. It’s also industry standard for their to be one parent per child at photoshoots. Siblings are welcome, but they should be able to sit quietly.

Can I book hair and makeup?

Our goal is to provide you with a picture that captures you at your best, not you made up or touched up to a point that creates unrealistic expectations. You want people to meet you and say, “That’s the same person!” Not, “How old is their photo?” This is one of the reasons we recommend doing your own hair and makeup. Men, a tinted moisturizer is always recommended. 

Sometimes I eat too much chocolate. What happens if I get a blemish before the shoot?

Don’t worry, DJL is a photographer with over a decade of experience. Your photos will be lit professionally and processed by hand. His touch up style is unique in that it is done with multi-layering which creates a very natural presentation. The result is an image no one will ever think was ‘photoshopped.’ 

What if I’m not happy with my shoot?

No problem! A reshoot can be scheduled.

I Booked A Photo Session! NOW WHAT?!?

  • Bring minimum 2-3 full length outfit options per look. Only one outfit will be photographed for a 1 look shoot, but this gives Dustin options to custom tailor the composition.

  • Make sure each outfit is pressed and on hangers.

  • Don’t be afraid to buy new clothes! Tags can be hidden to ensure you can return them after the shoot. Having the latest trends helps to create a more compelling, current image.

  • Bring accessories for each outfit including jewelry, purse, shoes, belt, etc. 

  • If you are doing an athletic shot bring the appropriate props i.e., basketball, yoga matt, skateboard, hat, sunglasses, etc.

  • Show up with your make-up and hair ready to shoot. (Technically it’s called “Camera Ready” in the entertainment industry.) 

  • Bring your makeup and hair accessories with you for touch-ups and hair changes. 

  • Men, if you want one look scruffy and another clean be sure to bring your razor.

  • Late is anything over 10 minutes early.